Game Help

Managing Your Keep

As the CEO of Charming Keep Inc., it's up to you to make big profits, to rescue Charming Princes from trouble and build even more profitable Keeps! The faster and more efficiently you make profits, the sooner you can start a new Keep!

What's New? Update 1.301

If you were a player of a version of Charming Keep older than update 1.3, you would've discovered a huge change when opening your game! We are working on better ways of explaining this in game, but here's how your Keep now works:

Keep management has become super streamlined! Build a single keep as high as you like - the sky's the limit! The more money you earn, the more princes you'll rescue. Each prince now gives you a +2% profit bonus on your next keep when you build a new one. So build a new keep when you've rescued plenty of princes and make even more profits with your new keep! Truly magical!


A Keeper helps you run your keep. When new VIPs arrive at your keep, you can choose to make them your new Keeper instead. Each Keeper has their own sets of spells that will help you - and their own fun wallpaper and avatar pictures for you, too!

Levelling Up Keepers

You can level up Keepers by purchasing more Charms for your shops. Each Charm increases their experience meter a little. When Keepers level up, they learn new, more powerful spells!


Coins help expand your keep to generate more coins and rescue more Princes. You gotta spend money to make money!

Buy Button

Lets you buy Charm levels for each shop.

Charm Level

Charms are magical profit increasing spells. The more you pile onto a shop, the more profitable it is. Once your Charm level bar fills up, you'll also get a speed bonus, allowing you to earn coins even faster than before!


These are the happy little folks of Fairylander who are your shopkeepers. Match them to their preferred shops for more profits or faster production.

Coins per Tap

The amount of coins you earn - either each time you tap to pick up a coin bag from a completed floor. Otherwise, if you have a Charmer looking after your shop, it's how many coins you earn from that floor each time the bar fills.


A modifier which tells you how long a shop takes to generate its Coins per Tap. Indicated by a boot with wings.


A modifier which tells you how many coins are generated per Tap. Indicated by a pile of coins.


A modifier which tells you how many quest items are made per Tap. Indicated by a crate.


These are the guys you are rescuing. They're goofy but pretty loveable.

New Shop

Add a new shop to your keep! What will turn up next?

Creating a New Keep

Once you have rescued enough Princes, you can choose to open up a new keep! Each Prince you have rescued give you a +2% profit bonus on the new keep.


Shops are things you can build in your keep to earn you more coins. They also make particular "special order" items to complete quests. There are even some shops which have special functions!


Protective gear. The bigger and more metallic, the better.


Clothes maketh the man. Magic clothes can make the man a rabbit.


Restaurants, Cafes and Candies. Enjoy Upside Down Cake that takes it quite literally.


Arcane amusements and dispellable distractions. Features actual moving pictures.

Magic Supplies

Wands. Brooms. Cauldrons. Powdered dreams. The usual.


Magical drinks or ointments. Splashy magic, basically.


A helping hand or three.


Helping you visit a variety of mythical locations.


Magical oddities. Look great on shelves, or for just opening the common or garden variety swirling vortex.


Pointy, heavy, bitey, flying or on fire. (It's okay, all these weapons are for self-defense only!)

Prince Rescue

Once you've earnt enough profits, you will start to see the Prince count go up (usually around 9 or 10 shops). Tap on the Prince head to see your Prince rescuing progress.

Prince Tally

This will show how many you've rescued so far, as well as how many Princes it will take to start a new Keep. Each prince you rescue give you a +2% profit bous on the next keep.

Speeding Things Up

If you're having some trouble waiting for Princes to be rescued, you can speed things up by adding Charm levels to other shops. You'll get speed bonuses to everything in your keep when your shops reach certain charm levels!

Princely Profit

Each Prince adds +2% to your Princely Profit multiplier to add to future keeps!


Gems are concentrated magic. They are rarer than coins and let you do a lot of cool stuff in game.

Getting Gems

Gems can be bought in the Shop, found as Achievement or Quest rewards or be delivered by Dragons. Explore and you might find some more.

Buying Spell Boosts

Gems can buy Spell Boosts that do things like warp time or let you move floors up or down.


Gems can allow you to reroll the options you are given for Floors, Charmers or even Quests.


VIPs are celebrities and fantasy icons that can be lured to your Keep. They give you a big boost and unlock their collectables.

Collecting VIPs

Most VIPs can be found as rewards for Achievements. You can collect them once you get them to visit.


Each VIP comes with their own collectable wallpaper and avatar image. Use it to decorate your phone or as an icon!

Using VIPs As Keepers

VIPs you unlock come with their own different spells and abilities. You can change them to be your new Keeper by selecting them on Keeper screen and using a gem to select them.

Other Stuff To Do

There are other secrets and goals hidden away within Charming Keep. Here are just a few...


Quests are objectives that earn players rewards when completed.

Skipping Quests

Finding a particular too difficult? Don't have the right shop for the job? No problem! You can use gems to reroll or skip quests.

Quest Rewards

Quest rewards can include coins, gems, VIPs or spells.


Achievements are options objectives or tasks you can complete.

Achievement Rewards

Achievements are a good way to earn gems and find VIPs.


Friendly woodland critters love Charming Keeps! Tap them and they will give you some money in appreciation!


To keep your Keep free to play we do have to serve you ads, you can request to watch to double profit or they'll just pop up! Hit the X or close buttons to magic them away. They can also be banished from the kingdom with any gem purchase!


Keepers can cast cool spells. Tap on them to see what's available.

Hourus Secondus

This handy spell speeds up time so that hours pass in seconds. Get profit much more quickly!

Lagomorphus Existum

Summon wealthy bunnies to appear at the base of your keep!

Solanales Existum

Summon wealthy aubergines to appear at the base of your keep!

Delicium Jigglum

Summon wealthy gelatinous slimes to appear at the base of your keep!

Rynorthus Existum

Summon wealthy squirrels to appear at the base of your keep!


Summon critters of all types to appear at the base of your keep! PARTY TIME!

Fleetus Footum

This useful spell increases a shop's production by a significant amount for a brief period of time.

Aurum Enhanceo

Use this spell to increase a shop's profits by a significant amount for a brief period of time.

Shoppus Changeo

This convenient spell can be cast to swap the positions of any two shops on your keep. Use it strategically to increase profits of a particular shop!

Charmeria Changeo

This spell can be used to swap the positions of charmers in your keep. Use it to place charmers in their favourite shops for special bonuses!

Shoppus Renovatus

Use this spell to replace any shop in your keep with a new one!